Add Motorized Power Screens to Your Home

Open or close your motorized power screens with a remote control or smartphone

Create the Perfect Outdoor Room
Extending your outdoor living space is a welcome addition to your home.

Using Patriot Motorized Power Screens to create a screened in porch will maintain the temperature within the room as heat outside rises and falls. Our customers have reported impressive stats: one homeowner hosted an outdoor dinner party on a 30 degree evening. Utilizing a fireplace and portable propane heater, his guests stayed warm without jackets!

Our screens have been field-tested in heavy winds – they are designed to act as a barrier against extreme elements. The stability of the mesh will protect your outdoor furnishings, keeping your porch dry on rainy days (except for those days when it rains sideways, in which case you’ll have light misting through the screen mesh.)

Enjoy your deck or patio into the spring and fall just as comfortably as those balmy summer evenings.

With the touch of a button, a Power Screen from Patriot provides shade, energy savings, and ventilation. Each screen is made to order, so you get exactly the options that suit your home and lifestyle.

Depending on the fabric you choose, your outdoor privacy screens will maintain your view but block outside visibility. In other words, you can see out, but they can’t see in! At night the opposite happens: you become visible on the inside and the outside visibility is diminished.

Different weaves have different ratings, meaning that some fabrics let lots of light through and some fabrics let very little light through. And with a variety of colors to choose from, if you’re worried about nosy neighbors or prowlers, you can make sure your screens provide privacy and peace of mind.

Keep the bugs OUT!
Flies, mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, gnats, “no see-ums” – no problem! Our screens keep bugs outside. No matter what bugs you, we stop ‘em. The side rails have no opening for insects or bugs to enter. We also add a brush on the hem bar for a seal on the bottom of the system to ensure that your enclosed living area is free from critters.

Reduce Heat & Glare
Cool your home naturally and decrease your reliance on traditional air conditioning! Research has shown that in many homes, exterior shading systems can reduce cooling costs by up to 60%.

Protect Your Furnishings from Fading
A wide variety of fabric choices are available to block the sun and preserve your view, or provide complete blackout if desired. Our product reduces the harmful UV rays that fade your furnishings and flooring.

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